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    Merchanting Tips and Tricks


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    Merchanting Tips and Tricks

    Post by slaye0140 on Sun Nov 29, 2015 7:36 am

    Merchanting Tips and Tricks

    Disclaimer: All of these tips/tricks/other guides will absolutely never gurantee that you profit every time. Similar to staking you are taking a risk; unlike staking which is all chance given all guidelines followed merchanting is more skill/experience/educated guesses of trends based on both previous content/rises/falls and future content. Therefore these tips/tricks will help you make better choices I in no way expect you to get 100% profit without practice.

    Street Trading

    1.) Street trading is a huge marketplace for scammers, its not a question of if you will get scammed its a matter of when.

    2.) Street trading is also a major outlet for lurers, these are easy to avoid as the only way they can get you is via wilderness or clan portal so as long as you keep aid off and avoid phishy pm's or people that decline mid trades.

    3.) There is only 1 thing that people legitimately trade in the streets that is partyhats and crackers as they are over max price most of the time anything else sold street is people looking 2 take advantage of people or sell on ge for way more due to recent flux in a price.

    4.) Street trading opens you up to hackers. You can easily avoid them by having secure email and password as well as not clicking youtube links given in-game that seem too good to be true. (note pin wont help you as they will ddos you while they know you have the phats in your inventory)

    5.) Rule of thumb is to never flip partyhats until you can buy at least 3 at once even if all purples that way you have a backup stack if something goes way wrong.

    6.) The average gap is 50-100mil a phat, but the only person your going to get full margin off of is stakers like yourself or uninformed merchers or keepsake users.

    Weapons and Armor

    1.) Weapons will always have a downward projection so these will never ever be a good long-term investment.

    2.) Armor only goes down when a new set comes out or it comes from a boss/creature that is heavily camped but the decline is rather slow.

    3.) Player vs. Monster Content updates will generally always cause a rise in weapon/armor prices although the amount of the rise is highly dependent on how hard the boss is to kill and what kind of drops it will have, but regardless can be a good 2-3 day investment at times.

    4.) Number one rule on armor/weapon investments is to dump within 2 days before the update for max profit .

    5.) Flipping armor/weapons is the #1 safest way to active flip although the margins only average 500k-1mil an item it is a great way to learn or start with smaller cash stacks.

    6.) The t90 weapon friend chat offers price checks by the nearest mil therefore always offer 200k under the S price and sell @ 500k-700k for best profit margin. If the item is on a downhill spiral aim another 2-400k lower in case price changes down a mil.


    1.) Rares are absolutely not for "flipping". Rares have as good as zero margins for flipping actively.

    2.) Rares are great 2-3 day investments sometimes longer depending on how high the # hoarded at one time.

    3.) Edibles move 1x every like 3 months not a great investment they have been steady for years.

    4.) Lowers have no margin but flux upwards of 10mil in a single week at times so learning the lows/highs and investing when low can make you a quick 100m+ in 1 investment.

    5.) X-mas rares highly over-released but the list consists of only ones from last year. Turkeys never move as there is tons in-game. Scythe is highly volatile but on a good week can make you tons. Wreath and Black Santa hat are somehow connected on their rise cycles most of the time. If one rises the other usually follows to some extent.

    6.) Partyhats were explained in street trading section. The lower partyhats can fall into grand exchange though and you can get 20-50mil average margins on them. (note: there are in no way an active flip they can take days to get one at times)

    Third-age & Dyes

    1.) Third-age is a great way to make a lot of money with almost zero active work. Third-age is a hoard based flux, therefore if you have the money to help or even buy out an item solo the other people will buy in and you can dump on them for easy 5-10mil profit an item.

    2.) These aren't short-term investments though as third age limit is so small that you would need to multi account in order to do a massive buyout really fast.

    3.) Rule of thumb with third-age is to instant buy as many as you can when they dip then non-instant sell a wall of them higher. Set yourself a time limit then dump whatever you have left on whoever has some offers in as long as it doesnt go below your bottom line.

    4.) Dyes are extremely volatile at times, but as of late there has been some tiny margin flippers so don't be discouraged by lack of margin. These are a short term investment 2-5 days max.

    5.) Dyes worth is completely based on number ingame per week minus number used by people using the dyes. Even barrows dye can flux upwards of 100mil in a month. shadow 2-400m in a month and third-age dye can go from 1.5b-max cash cause they are that rare from clueS(only elites) no one will ever pay over max cash for one though so don't try to buy them when they are over 1.8-9b if looking ofr a merch.

    6.)Average margin on a dye within 2 days averages 20-50mil flux so if for some reason it crashes on the week you bought don't rage sell it the price will go up as soon as the dyes are used up or hoarded again.

    Friend Chats & Forum Lists

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    Weapons - 90weaps pc
    Armor - Nex and ss

    Forum Threads

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    *Marketplace thread section*

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    -bulk buy/sell (low end items like broads)
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    Re: Merchanting Tips and Tricks

    Post by EUR0 on Tue Dec 01, 2015 10:45 pm

    This post is great ty for this post Very Happy

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    Re: Merchanting Tips and Tricks

    Post by Tugba on Wed Dec 30, 2015 3:49 pm

    yeh good guide i love people that gives attention into this forum keep it up man

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    Re: Merchanting Tips and Tricks

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